Advantages of powdered milk over liquid milk

advantages of powdered milk

Powdered milk has increased its popularity due to the growth of both the consumption of soluble products in capsules and breakfast dispensing machines. All this at the hotel service, purchasing centers, hotel chains, restaurants, and communities.

The increase in the consumption of granulated milk powder shows that powdered milk preparations have more advantages than disadvantages.

In this post, we will quantify the advantages of powdered milk compared to liquid milk.

  1. It keeps the same nutritional properties.
  2. Powdered granulated milk has a longer shelf life, up to 3 times longer than liquid UHT milk, less waste and greater profitability.
  3. Energy savings by not requiring refrigeration during transport or storage.
  4. Less storage and transportation space. 80% less volume.
  5. Lower cost per liter.
  6. It preserves creaminess and consistency when it is reconstituted.
  7. It allows you to regulate the dosages and consequently adapt to the tastes of your clients.

Milk powder manufacturing

The first thing we need to know about powdered milk is that it is the same product as liquid milk, far from being an artificial product created by the food industry. The difference is that it goes through an additional process, dehydration, through atomization, which guarantees to keep the initial nutritional properties.

Nutritional properties of granulated milk

Perhaps the first factor the public considers is whether or not powdered milk loses its nutritional properties. The reality is that there is nothing to fear about it since powdered milk keeps all its properties in proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals and vitamins. For more information see the following post:

The United States Dairy Export Council

Nutritional properties of granulated milk

Longer Shelf Life of Powdered Dairy Formulas

A second factor that tips the balance in favor of powdered dairy formulas over liquid is their long shelf life. It is a fundamental point to consider for the profitability of your business.

In this case, Simat’s milk and milk preparations offer 18 months of preferential consumption, compared to 6 and 9 months for UHT liquid milk. This data indicates that powdered milk is up to 3 times more durable than UHT liquid milk. It is an advantage for hotels, vending operators and communities to have a long-lasting product for their customers.

Energy savings in your business

On the other hand, the same physical properties of the dry product make it much easier to store and transport. It represents an important factor to reduce refrigeration, storage and transport costs, which is key in a current environment where energy prices have increased exponentially.

Less storage and transport space

To obtain 1 liter of liquid milk, we only need between 100-150 grams of powdered milk or powdered milk preparation. Only with this data, we can say that powdered milk preparations have 75% and 85% less volume and thus cost savings.

Lower cost per liter of milk

From the facts mentioned before, it follows that it is much more profitable to use the dry product for several reasons. Besides, less is wasted, limiting losses and it should not be replaced as often. On the other hand, its handling and transport are simpler since:

1kg of powdered milk is equivalent to 10 liters of liquid milk.

Better functionality

Powdered milk preparations or powdered granulated milk have the right presentation to regulate dosages, and thus be able to adapt to the tastes of your customers.

Its physical properties allow, just by adding water, it can be reconstituted as a liquid for convenient consumption when you want to make a jug of milk or to consume a cup of milk through an automatic dispensing or vending machine.

In addition, when the milk is prepared in an automatic dispensing machine or with very hot water, it provides creaminess and consistency at the level of liquid milk.

Once the product is reconstituted, if it is kept in a refrigerated environment, it maintains the same characteristics and durability as liquid milk.

Quality and safety of milk powder

Another important aspect to take into consideration about powdered milk is that it preserves the quality and increases safety compared to liquid milk.

The control and analysis of both the raw materials and the entire process in the production of powdered milk preparations is key to obtaining a high-quality and safe product.

At Simat, we have the highest quality standards set by ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000, in addition to the fact that all our suppliers are of European origin and also comply with the most demanding quality and food safety standards.

At Simat we want to be your factory and we are committed to offering you the soluble products that best suit your needs

Given the great advantages that granulated milk has over traditional liquid milk, this market has been growing in recent years. At Simat you can count on a wide variety of soluble dairy products, with the highest production standards, to guarantee the best results for your business.:

  • Functionality: Simat products work in any kind of automatic machine since they have the most advanced granulation technology for powdered milk.
  • Competitiveness: Our products have an excellent value for money and a long shelf life of 18 months. You can always consult all the information in the technical sheets and packaging.
  • Safety: We fulfill the highest quality and food safety standards, ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000. We have a differential air filtering system that practically guarantees the total absence of bacteria and viruses.
  • Sustainability: We have the Ecoembes and 100% Renewable Energy Certificate and savings in C02 emissions. Our packaging is recyclable. We implement near-infrared (NIR) spectrometry technology. This is a non-polluting technique considered “green analytical chemistry“, which lets us guarantee the quality and authenticity of milk powder or granulated milk powder.
  • Health: We offer a wide range of healthy products with balanced nutritional values. Among them, we have gluten-free products, formulas without sugar (sucrose) and without preservatives or artificial colors

With Simat as a supplier, you will be able to profit from the advantages that powdered milk has over liquid milk when it comes to its use in automatic machines for your hospitality business.

At Simat we want to be your factory for soluble products. Our wide catalog of soluble products will provide you with options that adapt to your needs in powdered milk, dairy preparations, chocolates, cappuccino, and infusions. If you want to receive more information, contact us.


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