Simat, Quality Soluble for your return

In Simat we continue working to be close to you on your return to the activity. Throughout these 40 years we have been at the side of our customers, manufacturing quality soluble products, dairy products, milks 100%, soluble chocolates, soluble coffee, grain coffee, infusions and milkshakes, adjusting to the circumstances of the market and of our customers.

Recipes for this summer

Simat, always committed to healthy products, has launched its monodoses for an healthy hydration without leaving aside the taste of good things! We have posted on the Home page of our website our video of the new monodoses of Concentrated Refreshing Drinks with tea extract and fruits. It is also available in several languages ​​on […]

Recipes with our Solubles for spring

It is an excellent opportunity for you to try our exquisite recipe: the Mousse Crema Avellana. It was very successful in our last tastings during the HIP fair and the ACV showroom. The secret is that it surprises with its creaminess, and the pleasant nuances of hazelnut, chocolate and coffee that flood your mouth. Combine […]


Combine in machine 7-8 g of coffee beans or 1 g of lyophilized coffee Simat + 4-4,5 g of Rice Vegetable Drink to obtain a light and tasty combination. Delicious recipe for those who prefer a different taste to mix with their coffee. Perfect for machine with 7oz (192ml) cups or to dilute manually, with an agitator. Or if you prefer […]

Las bebidas duales Hot&Cold Drinks

Simat apoyó a su distribuidor de Saeco en Valencia en la presentación de sus máquinas y las Fedra como máquinas que pueden dispensar excelentes bebidas frías. Simat tiene un amplio abanico de productos y se pueden también combinar para el deleite del consumidor final. Los asistentes quederon sorprendidos con el choco pasión de simat que […]


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