Let horeca customers enjoy Simat’s, gluten and sugar-free soluble chocolate

free soluble chocolate

With the arrival of summer, your customers may want healthy soluble products to take cold or hot. Now you can differentiate yourself with a unique product on the market. Our soluble chocolate to prepare Milkshakes. Belga Sin 0% sugar / sucrose is suitable for diabetics and celiacs.

You will get high performance. With a bag of one Kg you can prepare up to 50 shakes. Belga Sin soluble cocoa contains Premium ingredients, with a high content of skimmed milk powder and 16% cocoa powder.

Our soluble and instant chocolates and especially the Belga Sin are ideal for horeca: restaurants, communities, catering, dispensing and hotels.

Easy to prepare with a blender / ice chopper that already has the restoration points. We propose you some recipes:

How to prepare a Frappé smoothie without sugar

How to prepare a smoothie without sugar

To prepare a delicious frappé shake you will need a sugar-free soluble chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, such as Simat Belga Sin and Simat semi-skimmed milk powder in the following proportions to make a large 12-ounce glass of 330 ml in the blender / ice crusher:

  • 2 large ices weighing 130 g
  • 200 mL water
  • 18-20 g of Belga Sin sugar-free soluble chocolate shake.

To give your final touch, sprinkle a little Simat cocoa powder on top and voilà! You already have a cocoa frappe shake ready that will make your customers fall in love.

How to make an intense, refreshing, sugar-free (sucrose) choco mint smoothie

Cómo preparar un batido choco menta

To surprise your customers, we suggest you prepare an after eight without sugar (sucrose) and obtain a delicious choco-mint shake.

It is a refreshing recipe, ideal for these hot summer days, easy to prepare and contains the following proportions to prepare it in a 12 ounce glass of 330 ml, in the blender / ice crusher. Without the ice, you can make it hot.

To give it your final touch, use some fresh mint leaves to give it an extra aroma and surprise your customers with this refreshing smoothy.

Preparados alimenticios Simat are specialists in soluble products for the Horeca, Vending, Retail channel.

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