Simat Solubles, more than 40 years committed to quality and food safety for vending, foodservice and retail

As manufacturers of soluble and instant powder food products for the Vending, Horeca or Retail sector, quality and food safety have always been an objective that has allowed us throughout these years to improve our competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

We are aware that quality must have a global approach, and that it represents a commitment in terms of Food Safety, the Quality of our products, the preservation of the Environment, Safety and Hygiene at work and Corporate Social Responsibility as stated in the Simat’s values ​​and mission.

Simat, from its origins, has been oriented to have a vocation of continuous improvement: a set of actions aimed at obtaining the optimum quality of the products, services and processes of our company.

For this, we have been able to keep the quality management systems (ISO 9001) and food safety (FSSC 22000) up to date, giving maximum confidence and receiving the recognition of customers. Complying with the regulatory requirements through the RSI 15, RSI 25, RSI 26 and RSI 40 health records. We also have the Ecoembes Certificate and the 100% Renewable Energy with C02 emission savings Certificate.

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In Simat’s supply chain, we establish supplier approval and exhaustive control and analysis of all received raw materials.

We annually carry out more than 40,000 controls and analyzes, evaluating the organoleptic, physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of our instant soluble products designed to obtain the best dairy, cocoa, cappuccinos, infusions and coffees products.

More than 500,000 annual data, automatically recorded during the production process, support the traceability of our productions.

We contract hygienic sanitary audits of the production facilities, carried out periodically by top-level external laboratories.

In the production of soluble and instant powder agglomerated food products, air is a fundamental element for drying the product and Simat has a differential air filtering system that guarantees the total absence of bacteria and viruses.

Preparados Alimenticios Simat has actively participated in the INNOÀPAT project within the AUTENFOOD program of the European Union through the Regional European Fund (ERDF).

Through this program, we implement near infrared spectrometry (NIR) technology, a non-polluting technique considered “green analytical chemistry”, which allows us to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the granules manufactured at Simat and which allows us to put our grain of sand in building a sustainable economy.

Preparados Alimenticios Simat, want to be your trusted soluble factory.


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