Top 5 vending chocolates based on their intensity

Important Factors to Consider for Vending Chocolates When it comes to vending chocolates, both vending operators and distributors must consider several factors that will determine the success of their business. These factors include internal questions such as: What is the most profitable product for vending machines? What is the shelf life of chocolate in automatic […]

Why grain size matters in vending and dispensing

The regularity and homogeneity of the grain, key factors for agglomerated dairy, chocolate, and cappuccino. One of the factors that most influences the behavior of the soluble product in the vending machine is granulometry. It is the size distribution of the grains that constitute the soluble. The granulometry can be homogeneous (all the particles of […]

Advantages of powdered milk over liquid milk

Powdered milk has increased its popularity due to the growth of both the consumption of soluble products in capsules and breakfast dispensing machines. All this at the hotel service, purchasing centers, hotel chains, restaurants, and communities. The increase in the consumption of granulated milk powder shows that powdered milk preparations have more advantages than disadvantages. […]

New Choco Belga without added sugars

We share with you the assessment of Choco Belga without added sugars made by Marta Ros Baró and Cristina Viader Vidal. They are expert nutritionists that have been working together with the Catalan Diabetes Association since 2008. Moreover, they prepare gastronomic contents with the BulliFoundation and conclude that it is a soluble cocoa powder suitable […]

Soluble Cocoa 4.0 with better functionality and variety

We want to give you good news! At Simat over the last few months we have worked hard to improve our soluble chocolates for automatic machines and capsules. Now our instant cocoas improve in functionality (greater fluidity), regularity (homogeneity in our granules), packaging (more efficient and sustainable) and more variety. We expand the range with BELGA SIN chocolate, the flavor, body […]


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