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REF. 0119

Powdered granulated dairy formula based on skimmed milk without sugar (sucrose) and without artificial colors or preservatives.


All its ingredients are natural. Our health line contains naturally present sugars (lactose).


Thanks to our agglomeration system, we obtain a dairy with a homogeneous grain and with ideal functional qualities in fluidity and regularity for use in automatic vending and dispensing machines.


Recipes: It can be combined with soft coffees. Also, if you add 5 g to our cocoas without milk, you will get a milk chocolate with extra creaminess in your machines. And if you want to prepare a delicious mousse-type recipe for your consumers, just program 3 g of this dairy, along with 20 g of your Simat cocoa and 2 g of cappuccino of the flavor you like the most: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toffee or Irish and ready to dispense and enjoy a delicious hot drink in your automatic machines!



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