Recipes with our Solubles for spring

It is an excellent opportunity for you to try our exquisite recipe: the Mousse Crema Avellana. It was very successful in our last tastings during the HIP fair and the ACV showroom.

The secret is that it surprises with its creaminess, and the pleasant nuances of hazelnut, chocolate and coffee that flood your mouth.

Combine our products in your machines as we indicated in the recipe and try this delicate drink.

Share your opinion of this recipe and all those that we propose in our recipe book. Our recipes are innovative and can help you differentiate the point of service, make it unique. The service provided in your vending machines, dispensing, Horeca and convenience can thus stand out. Consult with your representative Simat and ask him how he can help you at your point of service to expand the offer with our products.

Hazelnut Mousse:

1 / 10g of Nat’Choc

2/   6 g of Cappuccino Hazelnut

3/   3 g of Nat’Topping

** For a more sweet finish, add topping of biscuit (for example the new Gullón or the Natwins) **

And if you add crushed ice, you will have a refreshing frappe.

Find all these products in the vending section of our website and start to mark the difference from today with Simat.


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