On occasion of the activities organized by ANEDA on September 20 and 22 in RODELLAR (HUESCA) SPAIN, SIMAT wanted to offer to participants sachets of our healthiest products: NAT NUTS.

What better way to regain strength than one of our products from our wide range of nuts. These sachets contain almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, fried corn and a delicious novelty: caramelized sunflower seeds. Nuts are a source of essential nutrients for the body, they contain proteins and many minerals among which stand out potassium, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins E and B complex.

Another of our novelties: the NAT’CHOC.

It is a product whose nutritional values ​​are well-balanced, containing fewer calories and is gluten-free: can be enjoyed by diabetics. It is healthier because is without saccharose. Therefore it has less kcal. that sugary versions prepared with more doses. It is very creamy and with an exotic touch to cocoa. The ingredients come from raw materials of the best quality. This product also gets a high content in semi-skimmed milk and 18% cocoa.

Being a concentrated product we will need less quantity for a performance equivalent to the other chocolates. Its flavor, creaminess and performance make it UNIQUE in the market.

We will continue to present more novelties, as it is our greatest motivation to offer our customers products adapted to current food needs. In this way, we do a thorough research work at the market level, raw materials and production of our products.


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