Simat go on growing and investing

Simat always focused on improvement and growth invests half a million Euros in order to keep on growing and become the best option for their customers.

2016 has been a very important year for Simat, as it has consolidated its growth by investing half a million euros. Simat used this amount in several projects: new R&D laboratory, improvement and increase of the Logistics warehouse’s and to the factory’s double capacity of production, in order to reach the local and also the international demands (Europe, Africa, South America and Middle East).

Simat is active nowadays in more than 30 countries worldwide by itself or with loyal distributors and with Simat brand or with distributor’s brands.

Simat is a company with more than 35 years’ experience in the Vending &Dispensing sector in the Foodservice differs by its innovation, investment and internationalization capacity, with a close and customized service to every customer.

Simat bets for long term and productive relations, bi-directional, strong and sustainable along the time, offering custom-tailored solutions in every instant vending beverage drink, together with a big capacity of reaction to our customer requests.

Simat’s goal is innovation, and during 2016 even their best technology of agglomeration has been implemented in the best range of cappuccinos with an optimal functionality in the market with a fantastic taste and performance.

In the same way and also during this year 2016, Simat is going to increase its range of products with new dairy products, chocolates and infusions beverages.

Simat objective is to follow market trends and participate actively in every vending association or related. Also be compromised with their social and environment and to develop new products as per customer demands, always with all the information and knowledge and trainings at our customer disposal. For further information about Simat you can check all the news and products at the new web site:


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