Simat participates at chocolate Artisans of Catalonia’s meeting


We are very grateful to the Artisan Chocolatemakers Guild of Catalonia for having invited us to the event organized by them on May 8th. They gave us the opportunity to make new formats known: our single-dose practices.

It was a real pleasure to participate in this endearing day that gave us the opportunity to present our one-single dose of chocolate to make in a cup, refreshing drinks of lemon tea and also peach.

In two simple steps you can enjoy a chocolate cup as homemade. It is as easy as opening the monodose and pouring it into a glass or cup of hot milk, it is so rich, and healthy too: it has no added sugars, it is low in fat and has no gluten.

The preparation of refreshing drinks is very simple as well and allows you to be hydrated all day, and is an excellent alternative to water.

The envelope is poured into a 500ml bottle, shaken and ready for consumption. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Prepared in the manner indicated on the package they only represent 1kcal / 100ml.

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