SIMAT with solidarity

SIMAT always committed to the values ​​of solidarity and brotherhood, we collaborate in an initiative of today’s youth. Last December, we had the pleasure of participating by contributing a few kilos of our thick chocolate  and a few cups of the Barcelona range in a chocolate party organized by the 2nd year high school students of the Torras i Bages Institute of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

The objective was to raise money to collaborate with La Marató de TV3. Through five stops of sale of ‘chocolate solidaria’ collected 680.38 euros, which have been allocated to La Marató TV3, dedicated this year to the fight against cancer.

We are pleased to have collaborated in this initiative that reflects the empathy and solidarity of the children. Effectively, they demonstrate having values, sensitivity and responsibility by organizing all aspects of the activity. The majority of the students have participated very actively and, beyond the money collected, the chocolate has allowed to improve the group dynamics and has opened a space for reflection on the meaning that Christmas can have in our society.

Through this event, SIMAT reflects its involvement in the sensitivities of society: the collective of celiacs, diabetics, people intolerant to lactose and all those who want to follow a healthy diet. It is our concern and therefore we get involved in the quality of our products with a careful choice of raw materials, ensuring that they do not have excessive caloric intake, that they do not carry gluten, in fact none of our products contains it.


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