Trends in soluble ingredients for the capsule market

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Ever since the capsules appeared on the market, they have produced a significant pattern in the way of selling and consuming some drinks such as coffee with milk, coffee and cappuccinos.

Every year the growth of this industry of soluble capsules is increasing. Marking an influence not only in the commercial area but also in the homes of coffee, chocolate and infusions lovers.

One of the elements that keeps capsules as a high-consumption product is their constant innovation. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of soluble ingredients such as coffee with milk, cocoa or infusions for you to enjoy a good capsule drink. Would you like to know the trends in this market? Then, do not lose sight of this information.

The capsule market

Making soluble powder ingredients for capsules, which turns out in a delicious drink, has been a practical and innovative idea. Even though it is one of the most expensive presentations these days on the market, consumers are increasing.

In the last 2 years, it has been observed how workplaces, hotels and homes lead the demand for capsules with soluble ingredients. Being homes, the sector where the greatest amount of consumption has been seen; due to the confinement conditions that have occurred worldwide since the year 2020.

In a report by Verified Market Reports on the “Coffee capsules market size and forecast,” a growth of this market is indicated between 2022-2029. Being North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific, are the main places where the consumption of capsules will go on to have a greater presence.

The projection that this market of soluble products for capsules is having is very beneficial for companies that work with capsules or are thinking about it, such as roasters, packers and food distributors. At the same time generating the task of guaranteeing a better product that adapts to the demanding tastes of consumers and makes a difference with the competition.

soluble ingredients for capsules

Main soluble ingredients for the capsule market

In a market that is growing, several food companies, such as roasters, distributors or packaging companies, have joined the creation of this product; to offer different types of flavors in a presentation that makes the work of consumers easier when preparing various drinks.

Among the trends that exist in the market these days are the following:

Soluble ingredients for coffee with milk in a capsule

Coffee with milk is a rich combination that many people love. Now imagine being able to make this drink without having to go through the process that it usually requires.

Capsule milk coffee is part of the trend in this market. Just place this product in the coffee maker, and a sparkling and delicious result is obtained.

Soluble ingredients for the Capsule Cut

Milk and coffee are perfectly balanced in one capsule. The capsule cut is easy to get in the market, given that consumers often demand it.

When preparing it, it gives off a delicious aroma, just as if it were being prepared in an espresso machine.

Soluble ingredients for Cappuccino in capsule

We can’t deny that cappuccino is one of the favorite drinks for coffee lovers; therefore, to find it as a trend in this sector is not a reason for surprise but of taste and specialization.

For the preparation of this soluble coffee, 2 capsules are usually used, one that contains the soluble coffee and the other the powdered milk. However, some brands bring everything in a single container and at Simat we can help the encapsulator to accomplish it.

coffee with milk in capsule

Soluble ingredients for decaffeinated coffee in the capsule

Soluble decaffeinated coffee in a capsule cannot be left aside. It is widely demanded in the market by all those who prefer coffee without caffeine.

It retains its exquisite flavor and high quality. Perfect so that if you are an encapsulator you can please the most demanding consumers.

Soluble ingredients for Chocolate in capsule

Soluble cocoa also has its presentation in capsules. One of the most selected options for many people is hot chocolate.

There are different choices to enjoy a chocolate in this presentation. Dolce Gusto, one of the most recognized companies in this sector, offers this drink in 2 capsules. The first is only chocolate and the second is milk cream; to create more creaminess.

Likewise, there are several variations where it is bought to prepare only chocolate, or also combine it with soluble coffee.

Soluble ingredients for capsule infusions

Capsule infusions are one of the most innovative and amazing products on this market. Lovers of this drink already have a practical and simple alternative to make their favorite infusions and any encapsulator or roaster that proposes its range of capsules should take it into account. At Simat we have a wide range of lemon flavors, berries, mint, peach, chai latte, apple with and without sugar.

Capsules contain more soluble ingredients than can be found in a sachet or pyramid. Besides, the speed with which the outcome is generated is unbelievable. It does not lose at any time the aroma or the quality of its flavor.

Simat, your soluble factory that can help you manufacture the ingredients for your capsules

Knowing the favorable forecast of the capsule market, and its trends, at Simat we are focused on working to offer you the best soluble ingredients on the market for your capsules. Taking into consideration our fundamental pillars:

Functionality: Our soluble products have been developed for the best functionality in capsules such as DolceGusto ® of the Menshen brand.

Functionality studies have been carried out on Menshen brand capsules, establishing the type of capsule that provides the best results for each product. In all cases, the dissolution of the product is perfect, achieving 100% dissolution within the capsule and a flawless glass finish.

make the ingredients for your capsules

In addition, the study of the pressure as a function of the dispensing time of the beverage shows the expected profile for the proper functioning of the capsule, pressure values under control that indicate that the dissolution occurs quickly and at the beginning.

All samples tested show stability in the process.

test capsules

In the case of infusions, it has also been proven that they work well both hot and cold, the product is completely dissolved and there is no cream in the beverage’s coating. 

  • Competitiveness: Our soluble products for capsules are manufactured with the highest food requirements, this way we’re creating a product of great quality and flavor, capable of competing with the main manufacturers of ingredients for capsules.
  • Cost-effectiveness. The price of our soluble products has an excellent value for money. In addition, they keep a durability period of more than 18 months and we ensure technical datasheets for better management of purchases and storage of products.
  • Security. The production of our soluble products complies with all quality and food safety standards. It goes through 40,000 controls and analyzes them every year.
  • Sustainability. Our commitment is also to care for the environment and social responsibility. That is why we work with renewable energy with significant savings in C02 emissions and with the recycling of our packaging.
  • Healthy We manufacture ingredients for capsules with balanced nutritional values. Adjusted to customer demands and considered consumers with lactose and gluten intolerance. We can also manufacture sugar-free formulas for diabetics.

Our soluble factory with more than 40 years of experience provides you the best service so that you can fill your capsules with quality soluble ingredients. We guarantee the production and personalized project for the ingredients of your capsules, following the market trends with you so that you have a presence in this profitable and competitive market both nationally and internationally.

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