Why grain size matters in vending and dispensing

granulometry in vending products

The regularity and homogeneity of the grain, key factors for agglomerated dairy, chocolate, and cappuccino.

One of the factors that most influences the behavior of the soluble product in the vending machine is granulometry. It is the size distribution of the grains that constitute the soluble. The granulometry can be homogeneous (all the particles of the same size) or it can be disperse (the soluble has small, medium, and large particles).

Productos con una mayor concentración de partículas finas (por ejemplo, más de 50% las partículas con un tamaño debajo de 0,2mm), hacen la cueva en los depósitos de las máquinas automáticas y pueden dejar restos insolubles en la zona de la cazoleta, que puede embozar la máquina.  Además, las partículas de fracción grande (tamaño superior a los 2mm), pueden producir un cambio importante en la densidad del producto desde que se elabora hasta que la máquina eroga el producto, debido a que estas partículas se pueden ir fraccionando en partículas más pequeñas, bien en el traslado del producto en los vehículos de reparto o por la fricción que se produce en el contenedor de la máquina con otras partículas o con elementos móviles.

To avoid these problems, Simat soluble products that are used in vending, dispensing and capsule machines go through an agglomeration process, where the fine powder is converted into an agglomerated product with added value.

Simat offers homogeneous soluble products with optimal granulometry

A soluble product with disparate granulometry creates a lack of homogeneity and regularity in the dosage of the automatic machine, which causes irregularities in the organoleptic properties for consumers. On the other hand, it can cause malfunctions in the machine, creating bottlenecks and operating and maintenance cost overruns.

That is why in the SIMAT technical department we are committed to developing milk, cocoa, cappuccino, and infusions for automatic machines with homogeneous granulometry. The objective is to obtain grains of the optimum size, to prevent the large ones from breaking and, together with the small ones, from creating cloaks in the vending or dispensing machines.

Simat, as a factory of soluble products for vending, HORECA and retail, we use manufacturing technologies that allow us to create optimal soluble products, based on homogeneous and regular granulometry.

Food preparations Simat has been manufacturing and developing agglomerated soluble products for more than 40 years, which work in automatic vending, dispensing, and capsule machines, competitive, healthy, safe, and increasingly sustainable.

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