Simat starts 2018 innovating. Unique product in the market. Cocoa concentrate without sugar (sucrose) for automatic machines

Simat as an innovative manufacturer, committed for offering its customers healthy, quality products with nutritionally balanced formulas, launches a unique product for automatic machines: a new cacao without sucrose that yields double and can be enjoyed by all audiences: children and adults who want to enjoy a delicious chocolate and with only 34 kcal in […]

Novelties Simat 2017

Simat begin the new year with lots of novelties to share. We incorporate to our Premium milk range, our skimmed milk without lactose the ONLY ONE  AGGLOMERATED AT VENDING AND DISPENSING MARKET that is agglomerated. Our most innovating customers have already included it at their brochure with excellent results. We launch it as 500g bags and you only […]

Simat Solidarity Campaign

In Simat we have collaborated with products with the Food Bank, Christmas Marathons at local level and also with the clients who have carried out solidarity campaigns. Let’s get acquainted with the magic of Christmas and toasting for a happy holiday in peace and harmony. OUR MOST SINCERE THANKS for having us.

Próximas participaciones EVE Vending

SIMAT fiel a su participación anual en las jornadas del EVE, estará presente en la próxima jornada del 13 de Octubre. Además seguimos con nuestro compromiso social y valores de comunidad apoyando las iniciativas del sector y patrocinios culturales de nuestro ámbito de actuación y fomentamos hábitos saludables como fabricante de preparados alimenticios instantáneos saludables […]

Simat go on growing and investing

Simat always focused on improvement and growth invests half a million Euros in order to keep on growing and become the best option for their customers. 2016 has been a very important year for Simat, as it has consolidated its growth by investing half a million euros. Simat used this amount in several projects: new […]


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