Novelties Simat 2017

Simat begin the new year with lots of novelties to share. We incorporate to our Premium milk range, our skimmed milk without lactose the ONLY ONE  AGGLOMERATED AT VENDING AND DISPENSING MARKET that is agglomerated. Our most innovating customers have already included it at their brochure with excellent results. We launch it as 500g bags and you only will need 8g to prepare a cup of milk.


And for those who wants an extra coconut taste, we have also the option with Blanca.

Within our Cocoa Range, we have o improved our Choco SUISS: we have increased its cocoa and milk percentage and this provides it an excellent sweet and soft taste.

A big news for chocolate lovers is the launch of our TOP CHOCOLATE EXCELLENCE 21%. Maximum taste’s intensity that will not disappoint you.

Concerning our Cappuccino’s range, Simat has improved our complete brochure to get a better profit of their mechanical and organoleptic granulated technology. An extend range of different flavors that will satisfy the most demanding customer. Simat is the only manufacturer that agglomerate their vast range of cappuccinos in the market.

We also want to introduce you the best Chai Latte of the market, with our best semi skimmed milk and with natural flavors of cinnamon, ginger, anise and cardamom.  It’s perfect to be used as a dessert. Surprise your customers! They will love it! 1kg bag will be enough to create 83 delicious desserts.


Simat always bets for innovation and wants to promote our newest technology to create any instant beverage you could need. Simat gives you adapted solutions to the market with nutritional well-balanced products, proportionating you all the information you need to be creative and efficient in your business.

Simat participates in the project INNOÀPAT of the program AUTENFOOD that has been co-financed by the European Union through the Regional European Fund (ERDF).

Simat is increasing the staff, incorporating personnel to our main teams, in order to attend the international growth we are experiencing and as a future bet, with an obvious willingness to expand.

We want to go on growing with our customers all around the world.


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