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Let us to introduce you our new website Simat! Here you will know Who we are, what soluble products we offer and our customization service. In addition, you can get information on all the news in just a couple of clicks

This is a website designed for you. Here, vending operators, soluble product distributors, capsule manufacturers, and any company that needs soluble ingredients in powder can find everything its vending, horeca or retail business needs. We want to be your factory!

We are currently immersed in a Simat 4.0 digitization plan. We have also created a website that responds to our commitment: to manufacture soluble powder products that work and also are competitive, profitable, safe and sustainable (FCRSS). is now more intuitive. It makes it easier for you to search, therefore it improves your experience. Because Simat is present on four continents, you can select in which language you want to receive your information. Our goal is that our company and our soluble products can reach any customer.

Next, we present the different segments of the web. With a click on the menu, you can immediately receive the information you are looking for.

We are soluble

In this section we highlight the vision, mission and values of our company.

Encontrarás nuestra historia, donde podrás ver la evolución que hemos tenido como fabricantes de solubles desde que fue fundada en 1979 por Joan Font Torelló, hasta actualmente inmersos en un proceso de digitalización.

What we offer

Here you can see what we bring to our clients, profits and guarantees that make us different. You will know the quality and food safety that we give you and the regularity and homogeneity of our soluble products. Likewise, you will be able to see the breadth of the range we offer and how we are innovating and developing new products at competitive prices.

For your convenience, in What we offer you can also view and download all our health and quality certifications.

Thinking of a changing world, we understand that It is key to provide customized solutions, according to the needs of the moment and the market. Therefore, through our R&D department we offer you the possibility to choose the formula, the container and the flavor that your customers request.

Soluble powder products

We have settled and simplified our soluble into 10 categories. Thus, you can find the product that best suits your needs, whether for automatic vending machines, capsules and dispensing.

Granulated dairy products

You can choose from a wide range of granulated powdered milk made with top quality raw materials. Our offer consists of more than 10 types of powdered milk, toppings, 100% milk, milk without sugar, without additives or without lactose.

Cocoa powder

We have a wide variety of powdered chocolates, with milk, without milk, without sugar, thick and with a greater or lesser intensity of cocoa. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of cocoas with the flavor that your customers like and if you can’t find it, we can develop a formula adapted to your customers.

Soluble and bean coffees

We offer a wide range of high quality freeze-dried and agglomerated soluble coffees. Coffee beans for each type of customer, classifying them into Classic coffees, for those looking for natural and roasted coffees with a good value for money. Selection coffees composed of arabic and robust blends, natural, decaffeinated and mixed. Specialty Coffee, top of the range and 100% Arabica.

No doubt, we have the one you are looking for! Ask us and we will advise you on the best blend of coffee with our granulated dairy products and other soluble Simat products.

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Soluble cappuccinos

Granulated cappuccinos flavored with vanilla, Irish, hazelnut or toffee among others. Our formulas work in automatic vending, dispensing or capsule machines.

Instant infusions and soluble teas

Large variety of soluble infusions and instant teas, with and without sugar, in more than 5 different flavors, designed for vending, dispensing and catering machines. Also suitable for use in your capsules.

Powdered shakes

Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes ideal to drink cold and adapted for good functionality in dispensing and horeca machines.

Instant broths

Here you will find instant broths made with top quality products and adapted for excellent performance for vending machines or for communities.

Ingredients for Capsules

As soluble manufacturers, we develop special formulas for their proper functioning in capsules. We cover a wide offer, for encapsulators who are looking for ingredients and formulas that provide maximum functionality and safety but without giving up the taste of a good coffee with milk, cappuccino, chocolate or infusion. We want to be your capsule ingredient factory.

Single-dose soluble products

We offer you single-dose agglomerated dairy products, cocoa powder, infusions or instant cappuccinos, among others. We adap the packaging to the needs of your customers.

Consumables for vending

In this segment you can complement your purchases of soluble products with plastic and paper cups. We also have wooden and plastic stirrers.

Our blog

In the menu you will find the News button, where you will find news about the company, news and product launches in Simat as well as other articles of interest and useful to your business.


Lastly, we have the contact section in which you have at your disposal the different ways to contact us: Telephone, WhatsApp, social networks, Google Maps locator and a form where you can ask us any type of query. We will be happy to assist you.

And so, your new Simat website, what do you think?

We hope you like it and we will be happy to receive any comments here

SIMAT, your soluble 4.0 factory


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