Top 5 vending chocolates based on their intensity

chocolate para vending

Important Factors to Consider for Vending Chocolates

When it comes to vending chocolates, both vending operators and distributors must consider several factors that will determine the success of their business.

These factors include internal questions such as: What is the most profitable product for vending machines? What is the shelf life of chocolate in automatic machines? How is the chocolate dosed? They must also consider broader questions such as: What type of chocolate do consumers prefer? What flavor intensity do they like in chocolate? Do they prefer chocolate with or without milk? Is it suitable for people with celiac disease?

Below, we will break down this information about Simat’s soluble chocolates, as well as guide you through the TOP 5 chocolates for automatic machines.

Dosage of Chocolates for Automatic Machines

In the case of Simat’s soluble cocoa products, it is recommended to use 20 grams of product for every 100 ml. This dosage allows you to obtain 5 liters of ready-to-drink chocolate with 1 kg of granulated product. This equals 25 servings of 200 ml or 50 servings of 100 ml.

Shelf Life of Vending Chocolates

All Simat cocoa and chocolates have a shelf life of 18 months, as long as they are kept in their original packaging and stored under specified conditions.

Suitable for People with Celiac Disease

All Simat chocolates are suitable for people with celiac disease, as their production process does not contain any gluten-containing ingredients.

Top chocolates based on their intensity

Simat Solubles offers a wide range of products that cover all the needs of both customers and end consumers. Here are the best vending chocolates based on their intensity:

Chocolate with strong intensity

Fondant is a premium product made with 18% intense cocoa, ideal for dark chocolate lovers.

Chocolate with medium intensity

With milk: Choco Belga is a product with 16% cocoa and skimmed milk. It has great aromatic tones, body, and a creamy texture. Ideal for automatic machines.

Without milk: Choco Bombon, made with 14% intense cocoa, stands out for its great taste and is combined with vegetable fat to achieve body and creaminess.

Chocolate with mild intensity

CAO: It stands out for its flavor, with notes of well-toasted cocoa. With 16% cocoa, it is the ideal product for those who prefer a traditional taste.

SPORT: It is the lightest of all, with 10% cocoa. It brings flavor and sweetness and can be enjoyed by everyone.

We also offer Choco Belga Sin, a vending chocolate with no added sugars and with milk. It is perfect for those who follow the latest trends and monitor their daily calorie intake. It has great body and flavor.

Chocolate with churros

Simat has developed a chocolateespecially for the Horeca channel, which can be consumed in both homes and churro shops. It is perfect for hotels, breakfast-serving cafés, restaurants, caterings, and institutions. It is even ideal for an afternoon snack.

The choice of when to enjoy it is in the hands of consumers, but having it available on your shelves depends on you. We know that you know!


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