Simat has participated in the night of Vending. In this edition, the National Vending Association, ANEDA, wanted to make a special recognition to companies that make an effort towards innovation and visibility of healthy products. Our national Key Accounts Reyes Rojo and Fede Mateos represented our candidacy. Besides, a recognition was given to the staff of Simat for its feminine presence and a mention was made of the trajectory in the world of Vending for Sara Jiménez.

ANEDA wanted to highlight the work of women in the vending sector. This fact has given us great satisfaction as the staff of Simat is made up of many women who every day help the reputation of Simat thanks to their know-how, knowledge and experience.

Now we are thinking of attending and promoting more events in these coming months.

Now in summer, SIMAT offers you for these hot months a variety of delicious drinks as well as healthy ones. Take them cold and you will get hydrated and at the same time discover new flavors. Here are some ideas:

  • Our teas and infusions. Excellent alternative to the usual drinks, to pass the heat and refreshing ourselves.
  • Our Chai Latte, for example is very tasty : tea and semi-skim milk, natural aromas of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and anise.

Try this recipe: Lemon Tea without sugar or with Apple Tea apple. Mix in 100cc of water, 6-8 g of lemon-free Tea Simat sugar, dice an apple, and finally add chopped ice and a mint leaf! You’ll see how good it is! You can prepare as many as you need for hydrating yourself.

Try if you do not know them already, our great novelty: the milkshakes with strawberry flavor (carries fruit), vanilla and chocolate. A temptation that this summer is indispensable: there is no better way to pass the heat than with these sweet drinks prepared with an ice blender or any machine that has cold group.

We also propose you to prepare a well-frosted, low-fat Irish coffee and without alcohol!

Soon we will share more recipes with you. Simat is an innovative brand that always wants to offer new proposals according to market trends. We also want you to propose your recipes. Please send your creations to the email of

Happy summer!


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