Simat ends its 40th anniversary with the expansion of its facilities


Simat was born in 1979 by Joan Font, who decided to create a company specializing in the manufacture of products for a channel, vending, which at that time was still incipient in our country.

It has been 40 years since this event and, despite the difficulties during this time has been facing the Spanish market of automatic sales, the firm has managed to reap a long professional career and become today a reference in the sector.

The key to success: quality, customer orientation, innovation and product customization.


Simat undertook at the end of the 70s his career in the soluble products industry for automatic distribution, an industry that has seen him grow and consolidate, always providing new proposals and placing the client at its epicenter.

And without the trust provided by customers, the company would not have become a reference in our country in the manufacture and distribution of this type of product, with a catalog that includes about 50 references between dairy products, cocoa, infusions , coffees, cappuccinos, premium smoothies and vegetable drinks.

But the firm not only puts the focus on the client, but also does it on its workers, which are its reason for being. “Behind a satisfied customer there is always a cohesive and professional team, which works with the mission of giving its best.

We always seek to improve the working conditions of our workers as well as parity in the management areas. We are aware that the employees are the base of the company and that if we can offer such high quality products to the market, it is thanks to their involvement in the project, ”explains David Sabadell, Simat’s general manager.

As they emphasize from the company, The commitment to innovation plays a leading role in the design of new soluble products, always seeking to adapt to market trends and the tastes and needs of consumers, who currently demand healthy products and allow them to take care of their health.

That is why, as an innovative manufacturer with certified quality, it has a wide range of sugar-free products (dairy, cocoa, coffees and infusions), designed for both the vending channel and the HoReCa or dispensing.

Also, in its firm commitment to respond to groups with intolerances, such as lactose, the company adds to its extensive variety of soluble its agglomerated milk without lactose or its vegetable drinks, with three flavors to choose from: soy, rice and almonds.

In addition, all Simat soluble products are gluten-free, designed for coeliacs or people sensitive to this cereal. The continuous and permanent improvement of quality is another of the pillars of the organization, as is customization and custom design. the solutions, depending on the demands that arise in the different channels in which they work.


From 1979 to the present moment

Joan Font creates Simat with the aim of providing the market with products manufactured for sale in automatic distributors. Later, coinciding with the generational relay, Pere and Joan Font, sons of the founder, promote the renovation and modernization of the company, being the first in the sector to implement ISO regulations.

The Font brothers continue to be very involved in the strategic development of the company by guiding future plans and running the Board of Directors.

For them, an imperative for the consolidation and growth of Simat has always been to promote the professionalization of management with the appointment of a CEO and a management team with great experience and knowledge.

Not surprisingly, the firm has become a trusted manufacturer with certified quality that collaborates with associations and universities to propose innovative formulas that provide added value to its customers.

Instalaciones Simat

What was born as a family company today is one of the international benchmarks in the automatic sales industry, distributing its products in around 30 countries in Europe, Central and South America and North Africa.

The growth is undeniable and from the organization this trend is expected to continue to increase, something that is associated with the functionality and grain size of the products, which provide the customer with the best machine performance.

“In Spain, our wide range of dairy, cocoa and specialties has great recognition, we are also pioneers in the development of sugar-free soluble and concentrated. The product development and customization service for our customers is also having great acceptance ”

David Guevara, Director of Exportation, points out, but the firm not only expands beyond our borders, but also does so by targeting other market segments. “Vending represents the majority of our sales, although we are currently increasing our presence in the HoReCa and retail channel, which already represent 40% of our business.

The goal is for the export to contribute more than 50% in the coming years and, on the other hand, we want to continue growing at a double-digit pace, “explains Jaume Busquets, director of Operations, who adds that to address this growth and power Continue to provide the best service to its clients, both national and international, Simat has expanded its production, logistics and office space, moving this year to new facilities of 5,400 m2, located in the Barcelona municipality of Els Hostalets de Pierola.

Within the framework of its international expansion project, Simat is present every year in the main fairs of the sector of automatic and related sales to be able to continue informing its customers of the news, support employees and be up to date of the industry.

Also, as a company committed to society, it collaborates with different foundations and charities as well as with the most sensitive groups, according to Sara Jiménez, director of National Marketing and Sales.

Feria Simat

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