Next participation in the Night of Vending

Next June 28, we will attend the Vending Night organized as every year by the National Vending Association, Aneda. It will take place in Valencia and more than 260 people will participate. It is an event that Simat never fails because it has great convening power and is an excellent opportunity to meet with all the partners in a festive atmosphere.

This year, we will participate in the award to the vending company that demonstrates its commitment to a better world. We consider ourselves a company with sensitivity to groups with particular needs such as celiac offering gluten-free products, with diabetics with products without added sugars and lactose intolerant with milk without lactose and vegetable drinks of rice, soy and almonds.

And it is with that philosophy that we choose the best ingredients, we take care of the elaboration and we watch for an exhaustive quality control. We can thus propose products with nutritionally balanced values ​​and especially with the healthy line: no added sugar, low in fat and with a lower caloric intake.

Likewise, we gladly offer any help you ask for by collaborating with organizations and entities with altruistic purposes such as the Oncolliga Girona Foundation and the Catalan Lupus Foundation, and locally with the Food Banks. At the research level, we collaborate closely with prestigious laboratories and universities.

We are a company committed to the Environment as well, recycling, efficiently treating cardboard waste and by-products. We maintain an efficient production system that guarantees a low consumption of water and energy and we propose solutions to our collaborators such as biodegradable palettes, thus contributing our grain of sand for a more sustainable planet.

We also believe in parity in the labor market, which means that half of our workforce is women. Our social commitment does not stop there but we also believe in youth and we support their socially committed activities such as with the TV3 Marathon among other collaborations.

In the news section of our website you will find all our collaborations, as well as on Facebook, Linkedin.

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If you attend the Vending Night, we hope to say hello.


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