Recipes for this summer

receta verano

Simat, always committed to healthy products, has launched its monodoses for an healthy hydration without leaving aside the taste of good things!

We have posted on the Home page of our website our video of the new monodoses of Concentrated Refreshing Drinks with tea extract and fruits. It is also available in several languages ​​on our social networks as YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin.

We invite you to watch it as it reflects the easy and practicle preparation of these little 3g sticks full of flavor but without caloric intake and without sugar following instructions of use. Product without fat. Ideal to hydrate. You just need a stick and a 500ml bottle of fresh water.

We thus diversify our proposals to be able to respond to all tastes and needs, adapting our offer to the seasons and trends. For this purpose, a recipe book has been elaborated, giving support to our vending and dispensing sectors colaborators, and for the Horeca and convenience sectors too.

We propose recipes with our products that are prepared with a mixer and shaker. We have chosen one of them for convincing you of our originality and personalize the point of sale and make it more attractive for the final consumer. If you prepare it with our Healthy range, it will be healthier.



Nothing healthier than an apple with a touch of mint, so you can enjoy the new refreshing combination of summer. It is a great recipe to prepare in a shaker for HORECA, OCS and CONVENIENCE.

And to surprise your consumers in VENDING machines, the recommended dose is 6g / 100 mL for our concentrated infusions.


For 330mL glass (shaker preparation)

  • 1 / Fill the shaker with water and pour
  • 18g of concentrated apple tea Simat
  • 2 / Add 3 g of mint tea without sugar Simat
  • 3/2 large ice cubes
  • 4 / Apple cubes
  • 5/1 mint leaf

We encourage to taste it for cooling off, turning out to be a healthy and very tasty drink. Share your comments with us, and discover more recipes and our range of products on website and social networks.


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