receta choco

In autumn, we want hot and tasty drinks to cope with the cold.

What better way than tasting one of our new, surprising and appetizing SIMAT recipes. They are great both in vending machine, dispensing as well as at home.

Choco Hazelnut with caramelized pipes

Take note:

1 / 10g for a 100ml or 20g glass for a 200ml cup of Nat’Choc  if it is prepared in a machine, and for home in a 120ml cup of warm milk add 28g of Choco Taza with no added sugars.

2 / 3-5 g of Cappuccino Hazelnut

3 / Beat well, until you get a delicious and creamy chocolate. Add cream and a few caramelized sunflower seeds from our new Nat’Nuts line as a topping.

In Simat, we have fun recipes like this one that will surprise you for its flavor. We have many and very delicious. Contact us and we share ideas to seasonally adjust sales!


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